24 January 2019


I'm sure you've heard about a minimalism design. You can see it everywhere. It's very popular in the business environment. But people also love it in their homes. Actually it's a philosophy and not only a "things" design.

Today, I'd like to talk with you about productivity and how minimalism design could help you.
The ides is simple - the less things you have around you on your workplace - the more focused you are. So, throw everything away and leave only your computer. It could be a laptop or monitor with  keyboard and mouse. Doesn't matter. You can leave one plant only, that's it.

Now try to work a little bit this way and you'll see that you're more focused now.

Find more about a minimalist desk setup.

25 December 2018

Volume knob

Is there anyone who loves a knob for adjust volume. Now it's available for computers! Check this out:

USB Volume knob

20 November 2018

Hi all,

I launched a web site about a computer ergonomics, check this out: zenworkpro.com